Welcome to Fishworld

Established in 1970, Fishworld is one of the North West's oldest established aquatic shops! Over the years there have been changes in ownership and, naturally, each change has brought improvements to the shop – in both service and products. However, in 2013 Fishworld took a very bold step in moving premises to an old pub but, fortunately, has remained in the same area.

Whilst there is a good selection of tropical, coldwater and marine fish, Spring 2014 sees the commencement of a new and larger marine and tropical section, together with more floor area for customers to browse in comfort.

In addition to fish, we have a reptile section selling such animals as water dragons, leopard gekkos, tortoises and bearded dragons, together with live food such as crickets, locusts and hoppers. See the reptile section for more details.

At Fishworld's previous premises customers (and staff!) used the pub car park next door for parking. We are pleased to say that we now have our own car park at the side and rear of the building.

Hours:     Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm     Saturday 9.30am - 5.30pm      Sunday 10am - 4pm
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